The service that we offer falls broadly into four categories:

  • Pensions
  • Investment
  • Protection Policies
  • Inheritance Tax Planning


Everyone would like to ensure that a good standard of living continues when work stops but when it comes to providing for our retirement too many people are doing too little too late. Putting away even a small sum early on can make a big difference to the lifestyle you will enjoy when you retire. The golden rule for most people is to not rely on the State alone.

Today there are a number of tax efficient ways of providing for a comfortable retirement. The area is complex and choosing the right vehicle requires a detailed understanding of your personal circumstances, tax position, employment status and more.

As a starting point we’ll help you understand what you have and what it is likely to provide; then we will help you to structure your pension planning to achieve the income you want in order to make the most of your retirement.

Investments and Portfolio Planning:

Most people want investments which are completely safe, in the sense that they cannot fail, and which offer high returns. This ideal combination is unfortunately not possible and investment planning will always be a balancing act between risk and return. It’s important to understand what your investment aims are. Broadly speaking the longer that your investment is to be left alone, (e.g. for retirement), the higher level of short term risk that is acceptable. If however the money is needed in full in the near future (e.g. for a house deposit) then short-term safety is essential.

In short, we will help you determine an investment strategy appropriate for your needs, and using the investments best suited to your investment attitude and tax position.

Life Assurance and Protection:

No one likes paying for insurance and it’s the one thing you buy you hope you never use. However, as with your car and your house it’s important to ensure that your family and your finances are well protected should the worst happen. Protection policies can be structured for almost any pocket and we can search across the whole of the market for the product most suited to your needs. We will also review your policies regularly to ensure your cover keeps pace with any change in your circumstances.

Inheritance Tax Planning:

Most people would like to think that they can dictate how their money will be distributed after they are gone, but even with a watertight will a sizeable chunk may well still be swallowed up by tax. However, there are ways and means of managing your money that will put it safely outside your estate during your lifetime. We can help you decide how much, when and where to put your hard earned cash to ensure it goes to the beneficiaries you choose when the time comes.

Please note: the Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation advice.