Let us help you to help your clients

The personal service and accessibility offered by small accountancy practices are features much appreciated by many clients, but when it comes to other aspects of their financial welfare, most clients have to look elsewhere for help and advice. Pensions, investments and inheritance tax mitigation are all essential aspects of wealth management but unless accountants have their own financial services arm, clients will have to find their own way through the maze. Some will turn to the big name institutions who may try to offer a one-stop financial care package, including accountancy; others may fall prey to unscrupulous practitioners with dire consequences for their financial health. Neither outcome may be good for their accountant.

This is where Sirius Money Management Ltd can help, both you and your clients. With a recommendation from their trusted accountant, clients feel confident and secure in discussing their financial affairs which enables us to give the best service possible. And because we share the core values of personal, ethical, long-term service, accountants can be confident that their clients are in good hands.

It is our aim to build long-term relationships with all our clients so that they return to us for advice as each stage of financial planning is reached. And in recognition of your positive action on your client’s behalf, at each step along the way Sirius Money Management will give you, the accountant, a percentage of the initial payments we receive on ALL new business, regardless how long it may be since the initial referral or how many hours of consultation and research may be involved on our part.

Importantly, financial services can enhance the bond you have with your client and also give you income that goes straight onto your bottom line.

Because of the high level of qualifications and experience within the business we are confident that Sirius Money Management will exceed any minimum standards that may be imposed by the Financial Services Authority and therefore you can be sure of continuity of advice now and into the future.

We are constantly on the lookout for like-minded accountants to work with to build relationships where the accountant, client and independent financial adviser all benefit from positive wealth management with a personal touch.

If you feel we could work well together then please get in touch and we will arrange a mutually convenient meeting at your premises. Phone us on 01983 741040 or email Keith.

Please note: the Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation advice and accountancy services.